Designed for fast and efficient handling of vessels and cargo

King Abdullah Port is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s newest port facility, located in King Abdullah Economic City. It is a full-service commercial port with a highly strategic location. The Port will deliver world-class service by means of state-of-the-art computer systems and a highly experienced staff.

The first privately owned and funded port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the port is regulated and overseen by ECA as single regulator – this is the foundation for a streamlined experience.

Why build a new port now?

The emergence of China and India as major world economies has contributed to the Gulf region as an increasingly attractive hub. During 2014 more than 6,000 vessels passed through the red sea carrying more than 42,000,000 TEUs.

King Abdullah Port lies directly on the main Asia Europe trunk line. In fact, it can reduce East-West transshipment times by 5 to 7 days.

In addition to being on this major global trade route, King Abdullah Port is situated near the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s industrial and population centers. With this ideal location, it is being developed to increase the speed and efficiency of shipping.

Both the local regulators and the master developer of the port are working together to ensure that the port’s modern infrastructure, constant focus on innovation, commitment to customer service, and competitive regulations will encourage shipping lines to avoid major diversions and to rely on King Abdullah Port instead.

Our Master Plan

King Abdullah Port is an active and growing port. We have great plans for it. See for yourself.

Our Mission
We seek to provide ultimate business efficiencies and deliver an absolute advantage for our customers every time. We do this by exploiting our strategic location and depth of our port, which utilizes cutting edge technologies and is developed and managed by the best people.
Our Vision
To be an advantageous and sustainable world-class port that delivers long-term value to its stakeholders.
Our Values
Trustworthy. We do what we say, and don’t over-promise. We strive to exceed expectations.
Straightforward. We are clear and easy to deal with, making things as efficient as possible.
Progressive. We are always seeking new ways to improve the total customer experience
Solution-oriented. We are flexible problem solvers who always focus on the needs of our customers.
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