1. PDC is committed to exert the best efforts to ensure that its website visitors’ privacy is enough protected.

2. By accessing and using PDC’s website, including but not limited to KAP’s website, the user consents to PDC’s right to collection, use and transfer his information in accordance with these Terms of use.

3. PDC assures that when it collects information from users of its website, the same information will only be used in accordance with these Terms of use.

4. PDC uses cookies to save the information of users’ login; however PDC does not intend to sell, share or otherwise transfer to outside parties the users’ information, without the permission of such relevant users. This term will not at all restrict PDC’s right to share such information with trusted third parties, who assist PDC in operating its website, conducting its business or serving users of the website, as far as such third parties agree to keep users’ information confidential.

5. PDC may also release users’ information for justified reasons, such as but not limited to:
i. Protecting PDC or KAP legitimate rights;
ii. Protecting third parties’ legitimate rights;
iii. To comply with the requirements of the Applicable Laws, if any; and
iv. To comply with any court verdict.

6. By using PDC’s website; user irrevocably acknowledges and agrees to adhere to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy including PDC’s right to use and to transfer the information of the website users as described herein.

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