A Model for a Modern and Integrated Logistical Infrastructure

Bonded & Re-Export Zone

King Abdullah Port possesses its own bonded and re-export zone which represents a model for a modern and integrated logistical infrastructure.

The Bonded & Re-Export Zone in King Abdullah Port operates as distinct logistical warehouses, and is located near the centers of the petrochemical industries in Rabigh, Yanbu, and the Industrial Valley in King Abdullah Economic City. The Bonded & Re-Export Zone provides many services and logistical solutions for companies, exporters and importers, which are as follows:

  • Duty-free storage of goods
  • Exemption from payment of customs duties and value added tax until the goods are cleared for entry into the local market, and a complete exemption upon re-export.
  • Partial clearance of goods and split bill of lading.
  • Provision of turnkey solutions when the customer is short of storage capacity. Services include goods assembly, packaging, repackaging, and stuffing.
  • Examination and inspection by Saudi Customs inside the customer’s warehouse or storage yard for the goods to be cleared for entry into the Kingdom. Also, the Saudi Food & Drug Authority draws samples for tests and release the cargo after necessary approvals.
  • Obtaining an express special license to rent a warehouse or yard within the Zone through the Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority, whether for Saudi or non-Saudi companies.
  • Expedited completion of customs procedures for clearance or re-export given the existence of a special office for Saudi customs within the Zone.
  • Re-export to neighboring Gulf countries, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan and Syria.

As for other financial benefits, the Bonded & Re-Export Zone provides importers and exporters with the option of saving 20 riyals per ton per day (which are fines for delaying removal of the container over five days). It also provides them with 100 riyals per day for each container (the marine line fine after 15 days), and with an unlimited storage period within the Zone renewable automatically every three years.

Advantages of the Zone

1,000,000 m2

  • Direct access to Container Terminal, Highways and future Railway
  • One Stop Shop for all bonded logistics requirements including but not limited to:
    • Petrochemical Hub
    • Warehousing
    • Freight forwarding
    • Cross-Docking
    • Open-yard storage
    • Transportation
    • LCL (Less than container load so that multiple customers can share one container which can be cleared partially)

What do our Logistics Solutions provide and support?

Through our logistics solutions, King Abdullah Port strives to provide clients with the most effective and competent means for the movement of cargo, connecting you through smart services, and a seamless approach that is focused on the below factors within a fitting environment.

  • Supply & demand are being met on time
  • Transportation cost and truck turnaround time efficiency
  • Economic development by attracting businesses and generating employment
  • Availability for multiple customers and commerce for future expansion.
  • State-of-the-art warehousing & cold storage facilities.
  • Improved environmental quality by reducing the number of trucks on roads
  • Ample truck and car parking space
  • General maintenance, landscaping & waste control