A Model for a Modern and Integrated Logistical Infrastructure

Petrochemical Hub

1,000,000 m2

With the current economic situation and the competitive nature of the industry, increasing efficiency, reducing logistics costs, and applying JIT (Just in Time) delivery for petrochemical products are essential key performance indicators.

The Petrochemical Hub at King Abdullah Port is a backbone for Saudi petrochemical manufacturers. Through a large area for cross docking, storage facilities strategically located just 1 KM from the port gates, and strict deliverance of the set KPIs, the hub ensures efficient delivery.

Petrochemical manufacturers use very sophisticated functions of delivery to international customers.

These functions follow many steps in the supply chain as per the below.

  • Assigning empty containers to be delivered to factory areas which would be a long distance from empty yards.
  • Stuffing and then processing exports.
  • Delivery of full containers to distant ports, which has high cost and risk of losing the cutoff time for shipping lines and delay in delivery for customers.

With the solutions available through the King Abdullah Port Petrochemical Hub, manufactures will send their products on pallets, store them for a short time in the hub, and stuff the products into the empty containers as soon as sales orders come. Through this streamlined process, shipments will be ready for dispatch within hours.

What do our Logistics Solutions provide and support?

Through our logistics solutions, King Abdullah Port strives to provide clients with the most effective and competent means for the movement of cargo, connecting you through smart services, and a seamless approach that is focused on the below factors within a fitting environment.

  • Supply & demand are being met on time
  • Transportation cost and truck turnaround time efficiency
  • Economic development by attracting businesses and generating employment
  • Availability for multiple customers and commerce for future expansion.
  • State-of-the-art warehousing & cold storage facilities.
  • Improved environmental quality by reducing the number of trucks on roads
  • Ample truck and car parking space
  • General maintenance, landscaping & waste control