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About Us

King Abdullah Port is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s newest port facility, located in King Abdullah Economic City. It is a full-service commercial port with a highly strategic location. The Port will deliver world-class service by means of state-of-the-art computer systems and a highly experienced staff.

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Ports Development Company

Ports Development Company (PDC), is the owner and developer of King Abdullah Port, the first 'privately' owned and funded port facility of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region.


The terminals at King Abdullah Port are being planned, overseen, and developed by Ports Development Company. The purpose is to achieve the highest level of efficiency for shipping and transport lines through the port’s calculated capacity and innovative work cycle.


King Abdullah Port is developing container terminals with an 18 meter depth that feature the largest cranes in the world, with a span of 25 TEUs, and a capacity of 65 tons, geared to efficiently handle ultra-mega vessels with a capacity of over 23,500 TEUs.
Marine Services


The Ro/Ro terminal provides advanced services to the automotive sector, including importing, exporting and re exporting cars to markets and ports in neighboring countries, in addition to other commercial and industrial vehicles.

Bulk, Agri Bulk & General Cargo

King Abdullah Port has a prominent role in fulfilling the Kingdom’s needs by raising its level of readiness to receive various types of strategic and developmental goods, in order to ensure meeting all consumers needs in the Saudi Arabia.

Our Numbers


Total Capacity
25,000,000 TEUs
Current Capacity
6,500,000 TEUs

Dry Bulk

Total Capacity
10,000,000 tonnes
Current Capacity
3,000,000 tonnes

Agri Bulk

Total Capacity
15,000,000 tonnes
Current Capacity
4,000,000 tonnes

General Cargo

Total Capacity
5,000,000 tonnes
Current Capacity
2,000,000 tonnes


Total Capacity
1,500,000 CEUs
Current Capacity
200,000 CEUs

Our Connectivity

This module allows you to learn more about the available shipping routes, thus helping you to choose the most efficient route for your imports and exports, to and from King Abdullah Port.

Vessel Movement

In Port

Vessel Name


Vessel Name Day Time


Vessel Name Day Time

State-Of-The-Art Sytems


The Port Community System enables efficient, transparent and reliable operation that provide significant cost savings


Optimizes performances of the Port/terminal gates reducing truck turn-around time and improving security processes

Latest News

January 25, 2021

King Abdullah Port Concludes 2020 with Increased Throughput and Significant Contributions to Kingdom’s Logistics Sector

Port records 6.6% increase in container throughput and 12.4% increase in bulk and general cargo
King Abdullah Economic City, January 2021: King Abdullah Port concluded 2020 with an impressive increase in its container throughput, in addition to its continued contributions to the growth…

November 30, 2020

Completion Of E-Integration Between King Abdullah Port Community system and Zawil in an Unprecedented Achievement

King Abdullah Economic City, November 2020: King Abdullah Port and the General Directorate of Border Guard have announced the successful integration of the Port Community System and the…

September 15, 2020

Major Increase in Critical Goods Handling at King Abdullah Port

A solid proof of Port’s operational capabilities to serve Saudi business sectors’ varying needs
King Abdullah Economic City, September 2020: Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, King Abdullah Port has ensured uninterrupted services, playing its active role in facilitating the smooth flow of…