Providing Solutions for Highly Efficient Services

King Abdullah Port Terminals

The King Abdullah Port project was initiated in 2010 based on in depth studies of the needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. The focus was on providing solutions for highly efficient services for shipping lines and logistics services providers, in terms of capacity and both maritime and in land operational flow.

The terminals at King Abdullah Port are being planned, overseen, and developed by Ports Development Company, the owner and developer of the port in partnership with pioneers in the field of port development, construction, and management.

The purpose is to achieve the highest level of efficiency for shipping and transport lines through the port’s calculated capacity and innovative work cycle, that was designed to meet the needs of the region.

The terminals of King Abdullah Port provide 24/7 international standardized services, including:

  • Cargoes discharge
  • Short-term quayside storage
  • Transfer to medium and long-term storage areas within King Abdullah Port
  • Expedited cargo clearance services and processes within 24 hours
  • Computerized inventory control
  • Massive storage yard
  • Land availability for operating PDI facility for RO/RO
  • Bonded and re-export zone adjacent to the terminals
  • Dedicated gates complex
  • Direct access to the main highways


King Abdullah Port is developing container terminals with an 18 meter depth that feature the largest cranes in the world, with a span of 25 TEUs, and a capacity of 65 tons, geared to efficiently handle ultra-mega vessels with a capacity of over 23,500 TEUs.
Marine Services


The Ro/Ro terminal provides advanced services to the automotive sector, including importing, exporting and re exporting cars to markets and ports in neighboring countries, in addition to other commercial and industrial vehicles.

Bulk, Agri Bulk & General Cargo

King Abdullah Port has a prominent role in fulfilling the Kingdom’s needs by raising its level of readiness to receive various types of strategic and developmental goods, in order to ensure meeting all consumers needs in the Saudi Arabia.