Devoted to Offer Advanced Operations to Ensure Cost Effective Solutions

Bulk, Agri Bulk & General Cargo

Capacity: 30,000,000 tons

Berth Length: 1,420 m

Depth: 14 m

Access to quality primary foods, such as wheat and corn, is fundamental for any country, and ultimately positively impacts economic growth and a sound commercial cycle, both of which are factors that drive Vision 2030.

King Abdullah Port has a prominent role in fulfilling the Kingdom’s needs by raising its level of readiness to receive various types of strategic and developmental goods, in order to ensure meeting all consumers ’needs in the Kingdom, Therefore, King Abdullah Port contributes to the Kingdom’s food security while exploiting its exceptional capabilities in handling bulk foodstuffs, as well as in supporting the industrial renaissance by importing the largest equipment that needs accurate handling methods and advanced equipment, and by facilitating the export process from the Kingdom by achieving handling rates that exceed the domestic rate of solid bulk cargo.

King Abdullah Port is devoted to providing such industries with the most advanced means through streamlined and effective operations to ensure cost effective handling solutions for consumers in order to facilitate and expedite the import of building materials, agricultural food and other.

To that end, the Bulk, Agri Bulk & General Cargo berths will be connected to the Processes and Services Zone (PSZ) via conveyer belts and pipe lines. The facility will be ideal for industries importing raw material and requiring transfer by automated means. The terminal will be served by a dedicated service gate.

King Abdullah Port will handle General and Project Cargo through mobile cranes with high capacity load, operated by vastly talented personnel.

The terminals of King Abdullah Port were built to be one of the largest terminal facilities in the world with 24/7 international standardized services, including but not limited to:

  • Cargoes discharge
  • Short-term quayside storage
  • Transfer to medium and long-term storage areas within King Abdullah Port
  • Expedited cargo clearance services and processes within 24 hours
  • Computerized inventory control
  • Massive storage yard
  • Land availability for operating PDI facility for RO/RO
  • Bonded and re-export zone adjacent to the terminal
  • Dedicated gates complex
  • Direct access to the main highways