Designed to Provide a State of the Art RoRo Experience

RO/RO Terminal

Capacity: 1,500,000 CEUs

Berth Length: 1,420 m

Depth: 14 m

RO/RO shipping holds a substantial share of importance among numerous shipping services, as it meets the basic needs ranging from daily transportation, various industries, and finally to mega construction projects.

With this ever-growing demand for Ro/Ro services, King Abdullah Port RO/RO Terminal was designed to provide a state of the art brand-new hub for importing vehicles and wheeled equipment and other roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) shipments.

The Ro/Ro terminal provides advanced services to the automotive sector, including importing, exporting and reshipping cars to markets and ports in neighboring countries, in addition to other commercial and industrial vehicles such as tractors, trucks and heavy wheeled equipment that are used in the implementation of mega projects. It contributes to supporting the economy and providing excellent job opportunities, as well as strengthening partnerships with specialized international companies.

In order to reduce the rate of accidents and provide the necessary logistical services for this type of cargo, a large storage yard adjacent to the Ro/Ro has been established.

The terminals of King Abdullah Port were built to be one of the largest terminal facilities in the world with 24/7 international standardized services, including but not limited to:

  • Cargoes discharge
  • Short-term quayside storage
  • Transfer to medium and long-term storage areas within King Abdullah Port
  • Expedited cargo clearance services and processes within 24 hours
  • Computerized inventory control
  • Massive storage yard
  • Land availability for operating PDI facility for RO/RO
  • Bonded and re-export zone adjacent to the terminal
  • Dedicated gates complex
  • Direct access to the main highways