Fourth berth at King Abdullah Port handed over to Support Growing Import and Export Activities

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  • Fourth berth at King Abdullah Port handed over to Support Growing Import and Export Activities

Raising capacity to 3 million TEU and hosting vessels for decades to come

Ports Development Company, owner and developer of King Abdullah Port, announced the handing over of the fourth berth at King Abdullah Port to National Container Terminal Co. after fulfilling all Saudi coast guards and customs requirements, where the cooperation between governmental agencies and King Abdullah Port was key to effective business development within the port. The berth was constructed according to highest international standards and with the latest fittings and systems that will enhance the overall performance and contribute to receiving more vessels and containers at the port to meet the growing demand for import and export through King Abdullah Port. The announcement was conducted in the presence of a number of officials from Saudi Coastal Guards, Saudi Customs, Economic Cities Authorities, Ports Development Company and National Container Terminal Co.

Engineer Abdullah Bin Mohamed Hameedaddin, Managing Director of Ports Development Company said in a statement on this occasion that: “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Saudi Coastal Guard management and General Customs Authority for outstanding efforts in servicing Saudi ports, overcoming difficulties and facilitating smooth procedures for import and export activities. We also praise the role of the Economic Cities Authority and its exceptional support in various developmental work at King Abdullah Port, ensuring the achievement of the port’s strategic objectives and enhancing its role in advancing national economy.”

Eng. Hameedaddin continued, “The fourth berth is considered one of the important developmental stages at King Abdullah Port, especially which the developing and handing over the fourth berth comes only 1.5 years after the start of port operations. Functioning the 4th berth will accumulate a total length of 1,400 meters in berth size at a depth of 18 meters, which will contribute to the major increase in the port’s container storage capacity, reaching 3 million containers per year at King Abdullah Port.”

The berth is equipped with the largest cranes in the world using the latest technology, with a span of 25 containers and a capacity of 65 tons, optimized to service even the largest vessels to come, in addition to most innovative technology such as the installed Smart Gate System, which is integrated with Ports Community System that would be complete the end of this year, to meet the growing consumer need of Saudi companies requiring round the clock access to their goods coming into or out of Saudi Arabia.

Port Development Company aims to position King Abdullah Port, as a unique example of world-class excellence for providing valuable benefits for long-term users from the public and private sectors, as well as the constant quest to integrate and work side by side with Saudi Ports System to enhance the capabilities and operational efficiency to meet the increasing demand for the movement of import and export, and providing the requirements for the construction of major vital projects, meeting the requirements of comprehensive development renaissance that the Kingdom is currently witnessing.

King Abdullah Port, owned and developed by Ports Development Company at King Abdullah Economic City, is the first port being developed and managed by the private sector. The port is characterized by its strategic geographical location, with integrated services through the practice of the most advanced technologies and the use of local and international experts to provide the best services. The port has been included among the largest global shipping lines, through setting a well-established business plan to develop the port at a steady pace and a clear vision to become one of the leading major ports in the world.