Ports Development Company Seeks Extensive Training for King Abdullah Port Staff in Europe

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Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 27th October 2014 – Ports Development Company, owner and developer of King Abdullah Port, in realization of the importance of the human element within the organization, implemented extensive training and certification programs of key areas of the port operations to specialized staff in Europe. Best case practices and know-how skills across multiple disciplines within the port industry were especially tailored and targeted to furthermore nurture the expertise of local teams that will bring with them exceptional port services to the local market.

These practices were tackled out of realization that the growth and development of employees will contribute in achieving the growth, efficiency and enhance performance of Ports Development Company operations that will reflect positively on the productivity of the port services.

Ports Development Company enrolled up to 20 of its employees so far into specialized learning and developmental programs, the most recent being an intensive training course for the company’s safety team at the Port of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, tackling various areas related to the most up to date safety procedures that are undertaken at that port. In addition, the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operators travelled abroad to acquire advanced training and certification by respective authorities in the United Kingdom in the field of Vessel Traffic Service, called V103 from the Naval College in Newcastle. This is a sample of what Ports Development Company aims to proceed in acquiring global certification to ensure that the port is operating under the most up-to-date measures and skills that will ultimately be reflected through the extraordinary services that the port is and aims to provide to its customers and to the Saudi market.

Mr. Abdullah Hameedaddin, Managing Director of Ports Development Company stated that, “The human element within any organization is considered the most valuable asset- we all know it and strive excessively to continue in progressing our employees via the multiple local, regional and global training programs that will service their expertise to elevate to a level that will serve the interests of the port, and in turn service the whole Kingdom.” Mr. Hameedaddin concluded that, “All means have been placed at the disposal of our teams to ensure that productivity and efficiency are key areas that are progressing in time to raise the standard of port services and the knowledge and training of employees continue to expand.”

Port Development Company aims to position King Abdullah Port, as a unique example of world-class excellence for providing valuable benefits for long-term users from the public and private sectors, as well as the constant quest to integrate and work side by side with Saudi Ports System to enhance the capabilities and operational efficiency to meet the increasing demand for the movement of import and export, and providing the requirements for the construction of major vital projects, meeting the requirements of comprehensive development renaissance that the Kingdom is currently witnessing.

King Abdullah Port, owned and developed by Ports Development Company at King Abdullah Economic City, is the first port being developed and managed by the private sector. The port is characterized by its strategic geographical location, with integrated services through the practice of the most advanced technologies and the use of local and international experts to provide the best services. The port has been included among the largest global shipping lines, through setting a well established business plan to develop the port at a steady pace and a clear vision to become one of the leading major ports in the world.