King Abdullah Port Receives Enormous Equipment for Samsung Engineering and Rabigh 2

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  • King Abdullah Port Receives Enormous Equipment for Samsung Engineering and Rabigh 2

King Abdullah Port, owned and developed by Ports Development Co., recently received large equipment constructed by Samsung Engineering, which are 10 giant units as part of the first shipment of a total of 94 units, each at approximately 30 meters length. The received units weigh at an astonishing 20,000 tons, and this handling is considered as a unique leap in the works of freight and handling services at the port.

Samsung Engineering came to select King Abdullah Port to import the equipment due to its unique transport network, speed and world-class standards that allow the entry and exist of such large and heavy machinery, with large capabilities, making King Abdullah Port one of the most vital large ports in the region that can handle these types of equipment. These imported equipment are heading to be installed at Rabigh 2 power plant, a JV project between Samsung Engineering and Saudi Electricity Company to generate 2,000 Megawatts of electricity in the western region, enhancing the overall development roadmap in Makkah Province.

Eng. Abdullah Hameedaddin, Managing Director of Ports Development Company, stated that: “We express our pride in the successful execution of handling these large equipment for Samsung Engineering, a solid ground of King Abdullah Port’s ultimate capabilities, professionalism and expertise in handling such delicate commodities and general cargo, especially those that are part of the vast developmental projects for the good of the national economy.”

Eng. Hameedaddin concluded: “King Abdullah Port has placed a dedicated team to develop logistical solutions for this extraordinary and exclusive general cargo project that will proceed for the next few months until all units are received. The magnificent cranes to handle containers can reach up to 25 rows of containers in addition to the latest technologies within with greater storage capability, making it able to receive and handle these types of equipment in additional to the largest vessels in the world, as very recently King Abdullah Port received the largest vessel to dock on the Kingdom’s shores, being 399 meters long and 54 meters wide.”