Director General of Saudi Border Guard Visits King Abdullah Port

HE Adm. Awad bin Eid Al- Balawi, Saudi Border Guard Director General, and HE Maj. Gen. Badr bin Hamadi Al- Jabri, chief of Board Guards in Makkah province headed a delegation and conducted a visit to King Abdullah Port, where they were welcomed at the border guards office by HE Brigadier General Saad bin Mohammed Abu Hawi, commander of the Border Guards in Rabigh and HE Colonel Mohammed bin Ayed al-Qurashi, commander of the security unit at King Abdullah Port.

The delegation began their visit by conducting a site tour of the port premises, starting from inspecting the ports’ security and terminal facilities and then headed to the VIP showroom, where the delegation was greeted by Mr. Mouhanad Hilal, Secretary General of Economic Cities Authority (ECA), and Eng. Abdullah Hameedaddin, Managing Director of Ports Development Company.

Mr. Mouhanad Hilal welcomed the delegation and presented a brief introduction about King Abdullah Port and its objectives in supporting the movement of import and export in the Kingdom, supporting the national economy, considering it is the first vital port across the country and region that gathers expertise and collaboration between both the public and private sector. Mr. Mouhanad went on to explain how King Abdullah Port is developed by Ports Development Company, a private company, reaffirming the exceptional case of partnership between both sectors (public and private) to service the nation and place the port on the global radar as a model for excellence and innovation in handling maritime business, highlighting that King Abdullah Port’s strategic location on the Red Sea with the full services, and that it is listed within the world’s largest maritime shipping lines.

Eng. Abdullah Hameedaddin, Managing Director of Ports Development Company, stated that: “We express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to the Saudi Border Guards for their continuous efforts in supporting the security of our port activities.” King Abdullah Port holds one of the top technical and technological systems with tremendous potential that supports the import and export operations, gaining full trust from major global shipping lines. In addition, King Abdullah Port is readied with a studied infrastructure, with 3 berths at a depth of 18 meters and length of 350 meters each, covering a length of a total of 1,050 meters operating at one time. “The fourth berth is already expected to open for business during the second quarter of his year, with a length of 350 meters as well, increasing the total length of 1,400 meters.”

Eng. Hameedaddin concluded: “Ports Development Company seeks continuously to make King Abdullah Port a world-class unique model, privileged to support the march of development in the Kingdom, as well to execute ideal and effective communication and integration with the Saudi Ports system, working side by side with the public sector to meet the growing demand of import and export in the nation, region and world.”